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Strive Peptides Affiliate Programs

Strive Peptides Affiliate Programs

Become A Strive Peptides Affiliate or Influencer and Get Rewarded

Strive Peptides affiliate programs are available to those who want to be rewarded for sharing the incredible potential benefits of peptides with their social or personal audiences.


There are two unique Affiliate Programs: one for Healthcare Providers and one for Influencers.


To qualify for the affiliate program for healthcare providers, you must be a registered medical provider. In the affiliate application, you will be asked to provide your NPI Number which will be checked when your application is reviewed.


Affiliate programs are a great way to earn extra income while sharing things that you love. Peptides have the potential to help so many people, so you can feel great about the awareness you’ll create and the income you can earn while doing so.


After you apply for an affiliate program, your request will be reviewed by a member of the Strive Peptides team. Upon approval, you'll receive additional instructions and best practices of successful affiliates. You’ll receive a unique link that you can then shared on social media or with your friends and family.


Shop for and become familiar with peptides available from us, including BPC-157, Dihexa, TB-4 Frag, and KPV.

Already a Strive Peptides Affiliate?

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Affiliate Program for

Healthcare Providers

Must be a registered medical provider with a valid NPI number.

Affiliate Program For


Be rewarded for sharing the potential benefits of peptides with your personal and social networks.