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Peptides: The Building Blocks of Protein That Come With a Myriad of Potential Health Benefits

Peptides are a Natural Science

Peptides are tiny chains of amino acids — the building blocks for our bodies to make protein — and therefore are powerhouses in promoting health and wellness.

Benefits can include improved tissue repair, gut health, immune function, recovery, and even reduce likelihood of getting alzheimer’s disease. Peptides have also been found to enhance skin rejuvenation, muscle growth, and hormonal balance.

Peptides Supplements Available to Shop

A white bottle of Strive Peptides brand BPC-157 peptides in a gym setting, on a weight bench.

BPC-157 | 500mcg | 60 Capsules

Also known as the "Body Protective Compound," BPC-157 can enhance gut wellness, regulate inflammation, strengthen various bodily systems, enhance flexibility in joints, facilitate healing of tissues and wounds, and bolster cardiovascular well-being.

A bottle of Dihexa 2.5mg Peptides sitting on a retail counter in front of a shelf of other products.

Dihexa | 2.5mg | 60 Capsules

Dihexa is at the forefront of neuroscience due to its potential in promoting brain growth and enhancing cognitive function. It is believed that Dihexa can enhance the signaling of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is essential for the growth and survival of neurons.

Thymosin Beta 4 Frag | Recover 60 Sublingual Tablets 500mcg | Strive Peptides

TB-4 Frag | 500mcg | 60 Tablets

Thymosin Beta 4 (TB-4) can play a crucial role in protecting, regenerating, and reshaping damaged tissues. It is utilized in treating injuries, aiding in surgical recovery, and proves particularly advantageous for athletes with a history of accumulated injuries.

A bottle of KPV 500mcg from Strive Peptides being held in a woman's hand who is wearing a light gray sweater and standing outside.

KPV | 500mcg | 60 Capsules

KPV acts as a superhero in our cells. It enters only the cells possessing inflammatory action and interacts directly with the inflammatory signaling molecules. This process has the potential to help strengthen the immune system and help to treat dermatitis, bowel diseases, and arthritis.

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Strive Peptides makes different game-changing peptides available as dietary supplements. BPC-157, Dihexa, TB-4 Frag, KPV, and GHK-Cu all serve unique purposes with different potential benefits that contribute to a healthy, optimized life.

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